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ProCharger Supercharger

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Clearly he has mistaken his Shelby GT for a GT350 or he's pulling out leg (His bio list his ride as a Shelby GT). Give the guy a break. We have no idea what his background is with Shelbys.


If a ProCharger is your thing go for it. Most around here run the Whipple and several have either a Paxton/Vortec or Edelbrock. The Ford Racing intake works great with forced induction but I would be surprised if you can find a 65mm throttlebody that fits. 62mm is the norm.


Good luck, and welcome to TS. Don't take the peanut gallery too seriously. They are actually a great group of people!

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Yeah, Ive actually heard many dealer sales people call the SGT a GT350 over the years. I notice he has two posts here, so cut him some slack...he may have no idea there is a distinction. Or worse, some sales person misinformed him in order to sell him a SGT under the roose of a GT350.


JCONIGOLI, the SGT is a great car, but there is a diffence between the 350 and the Shelby GT. I would seriously consider going the official Shelby Supercharger upgrade for your car. The really good news for you is the SGT you have is very special, and the only pre-title Shelby conversion. That is the reason you shouldnt go procharger, go supercharger...the SGT/SC owners are EXTREMELY happy, and competitive, going that route.

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ya know I new someone was paying attention...lol i live in CT and im going to bring my car over to the guys at Tasca Motorsports. They will tranfer it into a supercharged shelby the right way, it going to cost me, but im never going to sell it so its worth it!!..

thnaks for your input, hope to see you guys at the Carlisle Ford Nationals, ill be there....John

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I have the Whipple 550hp on my 08 SGT. Good thing on the 08 is they only mad a couple thousand of them and all were Vista Blue. Only bad thing on the Whipple is the torque is borderline for the stock clutch. I'm not worried about the minute details on the car because I bought it to drive not look at in the garage or worry about a resale down the road. My stock wheels are also long gone never to come back and replaced with 20" Shelby Razor's.

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