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Grabber Blue '13 BOSS


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Chad, had you even seen one before you placed the order?



This last summer I went to the woodward dream cruise and there was the one and only Grabber Blue 2012 302 LS there....as I stood there looking at the most amazing work of art all I could do was drool and hyperventilate. :drop:


I knew I wanted a Mustang that would help improve my skill on the road course and I knew it had to be blue. I had a 77 firebird (skybird) when I was a kid and I loved that car and color. I found one on the internet here is a photo of what a 77 Skybird looked like.


So to answer your question if I had seen a 2013 Grabber blue 302 before I out my deposit down on it......the answer would be NO


but I did see the one off 2012 Grabber blue 302 LS.... and on the internet I had seen the 2013 School Bus Yellow 302, I loved the improvements that were done on the 2013 so I knew that as long as I could get the 13 302 at MSRP I was going to buy one.....THANK YOU ED BARNES AT CAPITAL FORD

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Love the Boss, would love to see the 2012 next to the 2013 in a photo-shoot to see which looks better.



I would like to see them side by side as well, but I have to tell you that the front of the 2013 blows away the 2012...I had trouble getting past that sleeper looking front end.


I wish I could afford one right now!



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The 2013 is sharp no doubt. But I had a Grabber blue V6 Performance package car and every bug, smear or smodge showed up. The car was fast with the supercharger and supporting mods and handled great and all around really fun to drive. But I couldn't resist the Yellow Blaze how it's a bright yellow by day and at night the YB pops under lights as a gold. The try coat with the clear really seems like it shines more. I liked the black accents also. 5K less than sticker might have had a little to do with it also!! The car had been titled with 680 miles on it. It came with the Recaro's, torsen, cover, mats and owners kit also.



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