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Touch Up Paint

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Are there any recommended sites to pick up touch up paint or is it best to go strictly thru the dealer? Someone decided to side swipe the bumper of my white SGT this evening at the food store and believe touch up paint will do the trick.




I would go with the Ford touch up pen , as you can depend on a good colour match.

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I purchased a touch-up pen from my local Ford dealer. (actually a small pen and brush combo, but the paint matches perfectly) When I scuffed up the front air dam, I found some DupliColor rattle-can "Performance White" that also matched perfectly.


Guess it depends on how big the "oops" is! I've filled in dings the size of a dime with the pen/brush, then used 1000 grit sandpaper to smooth things offf, followed by polishing compound and a good coat of wax. When it came to the air dam, I pulled off the front fascia and only prep-sanded up to a body line, then masked and spray painted with the rattle-can. Followed that up with clear coat, then again used 1000 grit sandpaper to knock off any tape line and finished with the compound and wax. It's really tough to spot the repairs!



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by chance do you have the code for the silver stripes?



This is what I used, unbelievable results. I pretty sure the paint code is Satin Silver (TL)



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