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It is different, I'm just not sure how. I looked into this some time ago and I recall learning that it's not a simple 'plug-n-play'.

Not plug-n-play for an SGT but it IS plug-n-play for a GT500. All other Mustangs would require at least an Hydraulic Control Unit swap and perhaps Brake Booster etc. I did some perusing on this subject when I was considering building a dedicated V6 track car.


Very over-simplified explanation is that it basically takes the car closer to the edge of threshhold breaking before the ABS actually kicks in.


Tob has done this Mod on his '09 GT500.

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It is different, I'm just not sure how. I looked into this some time ago and I recall learning that it's not a simple 'plug-n-play'.



As Jeff mentioned it does indeed bolt right onto '07-'09 GT500 models...






More here...




From this thread.

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Sorry I missed this thread, but yes the FR500S is equiped with the GT500 ABS Hydraulic Control Unit, brake booster, and master cylinder. So this is definitely not a simple plug in on the GT, but yes certainly on the GT500. Would be a nice add to a GT, but would definitely have to also swap out the ABS HCU. Not sure about the master or booster.

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Found THIS on ebay last night. Just curious if there is any difference between this and a regular ABS module?




The Ford manual for the FR500S lists the following for "Replacement Part Information BRAKES" "ABS HCU (Hydraulic Control Unit) --Shelby GT500 (note that the ECU is unique to the FR500S). Brake Booster--Shelby GT500, Brake Master Cylinder --Shelby GT500, Rear Calipers--Shelby GT-500.


Additionally, for those interested the following parts used on the FR500S came from the 2008 Shelby GT-500 parts bin: Front lower control arms, Rear lower control arms, "Point 4" suspension brace, 6 speed transmission, Shifter seal plate, Clutch fluid line, Driveshaft, Clutch slave cylinder, Transmission slave insulator, and wheels.


There are a total of over 100 parts that are totally unique to the FR500S with the balance of parts based on, or directly from an early production 2008 Mustang GT, some from the Bullit models, and some from the California special. The roll bar, wiring harness, data acquisition system, removeable steering wheel, fire suppression system, all come from Ford Racing made for them by various sub-contractors, (Sparco etc). Quite a lot of custom fitting by Miller Motorsports also is evident on the FR500S.


The engine is a base 2008 4.6 Mustang GT V8 that has been "tuned" and then Dyno certified by Roush Racing with a number controlled Ford Racing Seal attached to the heads. Ford Racing long tube headers complete the re-tuned engine package.


Sorry if I got long winded. The FR500S is just a super car that is all about pro-racing level braking and handling specifically for road race applications. regards, Larry

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