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Airborne GT/SC...


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You only live once anf your shelby stays here after you croak....


I'm afraid that one wrong landing could have them both leaving this earth together. :fear: :o :rip:

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Very True .....Thanks for the chuckle Randy.


Here is the Wikipedia page about the man http://en.wikipedia....ki/Evel_Knievel


Long Live Evel Knievel......



Actually he died from Pulmonary disease which probably was from years of smoking cigs.......Hope you stop smoking soon :victory:

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When I was a kid I had every Evel thing there was and I even had an album of his interviews...which my Pops recently told me I listened to about 10 times a day...so I then got my first MC as soon as I had $150 together for the neighbor kids old YZ60. Which led to wrenching.


To me he truly was an awesome individual.


I hear ya Chad...Rock On!


The videos of these guys jumping cars are all over Youtube...nutty rememver that Burt Reynolds movie "Hooper"....some studio should remake that flick...

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When I saw the title I really didn't think this was going to happen lol. Dayum that dude has some balls.



And a tiny brain.



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