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Flash2Pass Remote garage door opener install

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Hey guys - I installed the Flash2pass remote garage door opener in my '11 Shelby yesterday. It only took 20 minutes, and while there isn't great range, it works excellent from 20 feet away or so. Hit the high beams twice and the door opens.


Easiest way to install is to remove the air filter on the driver's side. You can see there is one plug with four wires post-29860-0-06435600-1301928148_thumb.jpg going into the headlight assembly. Disconnect the plug, open up the wire harness and attach the two inline taps included with the Flash2pass kit on the yellow wire with red stripe and the yellow wire with purple stripe. Taped everything up, and mounted the transmitter with a supplied zip tie to the wire harness. Invisible once air filter is back on. Receiver simply replaced the doorbell button in my garage.


Easy mod also cheaper and easier than upgrading the visors.


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