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Any know brake problems?


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News to me. To be honest, I'm not sure how they would lock up unless the ABS failed.


The rear calipers with integrated parking brake ratchet are notorios for problems.


Not just on Ford, but on ALL vehicles with integrated parking brakes.


One of the problems is that the calipers over-adjust and CAN lock up when the fluid gets hot and expands.


I've seen the same thing happen due to a bad rubber brake hose. The inside liner tears and creates a "one-way valve" of sorts. Apply the brake, fluid pushes the caliper piston up against the rotor but rather than allow the rubber piston seal/ring to pull the piston back a skoosh, it keeps residual pressure in the caliper. A few applications of that and the disc/caliper start getting hot. The hotter it gets, the tighter the brake application gets. The more application, the hotter it gets (it creates a "snowball effect"). Once the fluid get extreamly hot it expands to the point of applying the brake FULLY and it *can* lock up ((I've seen it many times).


It is NOT a problem with the car....it's a "featrue" of the caliper, a product of lack of maintenence in most instances.


A. Do NOT overtighten your parking brake cable adjuster.

B. Do NOT hang your caliper by the rubber brake hose when instaling pads.

C. FLUSH your brake system as per the OE maintenence schedule.

D. Periodically check your rear wheels for free spinning.




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Thanks KonaBlueGT. Your description sounds like exactly what happened in his case. He was on a long trip and noticed some resistance (sticking) of the brake but kept goung and it eventually did 'lock-up' completely.


A quick/easy way to diagnose if it's the parking brake ratchet device that is adjusting too tight or if it's a brake line flap capturing fluid is this way:


When it locks up take a bleeder or line wrench and open a bleeder valve. If it's fluid build up from heat, it will release the pressure in the system.


If the problem goes away, it's a problem with brake fluid not returning to the MC. That can be one of a couple things....the broken (internally) brake hose that I mentioned earlier or the MC piston is not returning all the way. Which, BTW is also a pretty common problem as people sometimes put a plunger rod in when they change the booster that is just a RCH too long.


And that's *all* it takes to create a problem like that. When I say a Rch, I don't mean a Bch or a Blch...I mean a RED one (much finer than black or blonde!).


If it is still locked up, it's a piston that is not returning for one reason or another. The parking brake adjuster is common but a stuck/cocked caliper piston is not unheard of either.





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