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I have not seen this at the track or elsewhere. I read the literature on the product as not being a serious product for rollover protection. I am not sure what they are marketing it as, really.



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I saw this installed in the Ridetech Nova at the Goodguy's show booths and also the Hot Rod and Restoration Show in Indy.


It is interesting for sure. But sort of reminds me of those big fake injection scoops you can buy to put on top of a dual carbureted engine.


I guess this "roll bar" would probably would add some chassis stiffness, but it would also add some weight. Not sure about that trade off. Normally the only weight you would want in safety gear would actually add some safety.


Anyway, sort of a cool idea to market, but in my opinion it would always be viewed as a quick fake bolt in product. I guess if you covered it with some upholstery, then you could further the illusion if you wanted...

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