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My Gift to TeamShelby.com


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Whats up people ? :happy feet:


i started walking in this forum but no one's welcomed me :jackinbox:

i still love this forum for only reason which is , Shelby is my love for years.

off talking 2much :talkhand: i welcomed my self :hysterical: so here is my gift to the forum.


Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Super Snake Chase :shift:





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I liked the clip Exis and welcome to the forum. Cool to see a Shelby in the movies!! My thought was "no way would the cops stay that close unless the driver was playing with them and that Mini kept

up for awhile too :hysterical:

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All that camera bouncing around to disguise the fact they are only going 20 MPH, SHEESH! Is there no one left than can make a good car chase scene anymore? Parts of it were OK, but most of it was just painful to watch. How about a thread strictly for movie car chases? Get them all on here and then have everyone vote for the best.

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