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The Grey Bunny at SEMA 2010


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Ok, many of you have asked for pictures of the Grey Bunny at SEMA, so here goes lol


First a little background to our SEMA trip. Jason of 281 Motorsports approached me in 2009 and asked if I was interested in displaying my Terlingua as part of a display he was putting together for Ford. It was very short notice, but I couldn't pass on the opportunity. So, I filled out Ford's application to go, was accepted, and the Grey Bunny went to its first SEMA in 2009. The Bunny was displayed outside in the Silver Lot that is in front of the Central Hall. I had a great time and the Terlingua received good exposure.


Jason again approached me about 8 weeks ago and asked if I would like to display the Bunny again as part of Ford's display and of course I said that I would. I filled out Ford's application again, sent along a photo, and once again we were accepted as part of Fords "Incredible Vehicles" display. This year we were placed inside the lower South Hall (with the tires and wheels) along with other Mustangs and Rick's GTX1 that made up the 281 Motorsport group. The Grey Bunny was with rich company with this group of some simply fantastic Shelbys and Mustangs. Jason of 281 Motorsport did a great job of putting this group together, and Ford was just wonderful in hosting the display and the event.


During the weeks before we had to have the Bunny at SEMA, my husband Rob and I worked hard to obtain sponsors for the Grey Bunny (and in-turn for me). Although some companies were not looking to sponsor anyone, many companies were looking for a female owner who not only showed her car at shows and events, but also drove her car at race tracks during club events. They also liked the fact that I was a school teacher. They considered our proposal and many of them offered full sponsorship for SEMA and the following show/track season. All of the sponsors I obtained offered product to use in my build of the Grey Bunny.


Here is a list of my sponsors to date: Royal Purple, Linear Logic, Scrublade, Slime, Agent 47, Race Ramps, Silverhorse Racing, US Speedo, Samco Sport, B & M Racing, Moroso Performance, K & N Filters, Taylor Cable Products, ShowWheels USA, Drake Muscle Cars, BBK Performance, Tokico Performance Shocks, Odyssey Battery, MGP Caliper Covers, Performance Distributors, Mishimoto Automotive, Maximum Motorsports, JLT Performance, BF Goodrich Tires, Baer Brakes, Fluidyne Radiators, J & M Products, and Stuck-on-You Graphics. After SEMA I was able to add Autoglym Premium Car Care, and Stage 8 Locking Fasteners and I'm in negotiation with several other companies who also saw the Bunny at SEMA.


I must also offer a word of thanks to Jason of 281 Motorsports, Alex of MacKenzie Mustang Supply, and Jeff of SVOC for all of their help in my project build. Also to all of you my wonderful TS family who have encouraged me and helped with your support along the way. Thank you all!


So, that's the story, or at least the positive side to it all. lol....now for some pictures


The Bunny on display, SEMA 2010



Me with my Royal Purple shirt on showing some of my sponsors decals on the Bunny. Royal Purple supplied all the fluids the Bunny needs.



The battery has been moved to the trunk, with Taylors relocation kit and the Odyssey battery and hold down kit



Slime provided an air compressor and tire repair kit along with a great new tire dressing (right Rick lol)



Maximum Motorsport provided my new Camber/Caster Plates



BBK provided a new 70mm Throttle Body



Race Ramp gave me these great two piece ramps, they helped display the J & M rear suspension components



here you can see the polished aluminum adjustable panhard bar provided by J & M Products



Here is the J & M Billet lower control arm



and their fully adjustable upper control arm



a view of one of the rear Tokico D-Spec shocks...they provided the front struts also



B & M Racing provided one of their SuperCoolers and a transmission temp gauge to help keep the automatic cool (I learned at the Terlingua Event lol)



US Speedo provided a stainless steal gauge face


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Scangauge provided a computer to keep tabs of EVERYTHING!



Stuck-On-You Graphics provided many of the new sponsor decals (Thanks John!)



Samco Sport provided the silicone hose kit for my engine



Mishimoto Automotive pitched in an aluminum black engine air deflector



Petal set provided by Drake Muscle Cars



more by Drake Muscle Cars



Silverhorse Racing gave some very nice door billet items



Wheels by ShowWheels USA (20x10 rear, 20x9 front) , Tires by BF Goodrich (275-35-20 KDW's), Red MGP Caliper Covers



Performance Distributors provided one of their Scream'n Demon coil packs and the Blue Live Wire sets



Moroso Performance provided the Supercharger tank for the old battery location, a powersteering tank, and a driveshaft safety loop



here you can see the JLT oil separator (thanks Jay!), Silverhorse Racing Polished Billet Fuse Box cover, and the Moroso power steering tank. JLT, Jay, also provided me with one of his front brake cooling kits...it is a quality piece and easy to install!



the Agent 47 retro mirrors, and the front 14" 6 Piston Red Baer Brakes



and the Fluidyne High Performance aluminum radiator



this last picture shows Brian's show hero card stand...what a wonderful job! (thanks Brian!)


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Awesome pics Leann, the Grey Bunny looks spectacular! :salute:


Congrats on your sponsorships and SEMA success! :happy feet:



Thanks Mike!



Your Bunny looks FANTASTIC Leann and a big congrats on the sponsorship.


The new pic in your signature is perfect.



Thanks Dan! I like the new signature pic too...



Great Pics Leann!! I had a great time with you and Rob at SEMA. The Grey Bunny looked great!!! :happy feet:





Thanks Alex. We had a great time too. Thanks for your "last minute" installation of the J & M suspension pieces. :happy feet:



Leann, that's truely awesome! Congrats on all the hard work! The Bunny looks amazing!



Thanks! I hope to see you at Terlingua next year.



Hey Leann,


Congrats! I am so proud of the great exposure and all you do for the brand and the Terlingua! Kudos! :salute:






Thanks David! I do what I can :happy feet:



Wonderful pictures Leann, I really enjoyed being with you and Rob. Hope you approved of the Wheel placement to show off your brakes. Man, I need to pay more attention to all your mods. I'm glad you took photo's to explain what and who they're from.



Thanks for helping with that Rick! I was worried about it as I wanted to have my sponsors logo shown and you saved the day! Thanks a ton.



Congrats on all the new gear. The Bunny looked great at the show. I didn't see you around anywhere, but maybe I'll catch up with you at a track somewhere. :shift:



Dang! I would have loved to have seen you there too. I had to go back Sunday night and didn't get back to the show until Thursday morning. When did you stop by? Oh, and thanks about how the bunny looked. I just love my bunny :happy feet:

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Nice Helmet Leann sorry we missed ya but it was probly better that way




Ahh Jim...it is a wonderful helmet (Jim painted it for me and he does fantastic work) ....I'm very sorry I missed you too. Not sure what all was going on, but it does not effect us I truly hope...I'll have to tell you about our Terlingua trip some time lol...

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Grey Bunny is fabulous as always! I'm so glad everything is working out so well for you! I know how hard you and Rob have worked for this and I wish you continued success! :happy feet:

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Awesome Bunny get color takr care of it.






Great job on your car, Leann and Rob. It looks spectacular.



Thanks Patrick!



Looks great Leann!



Thanks Tim! Perhaps this IS my year lol



Leann--what a beautiful and fearful looking Bunny, but this has got to stop now as

I'm gonna have to update your CAR-toon again! :banghead: :D



LOL...ok, Thanks!



very nice leann. i just love those cars.



Thanks! I love them too.



Grey Bunny is fabulous as always! I'm so glad everything is working out so well for you! I know how hard you and Rob have worked for this and I wish you continued success! :happy feet:



LOL...thanks a ton...I know a limer bunny that looks pretty sharp too lol...see you soon? Bash?

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I am truely embarrassed that I totally missed this! Since we've been back from SEMA we have been overwhelmed with business and I have found myself not able to do some of the things I love best like being on this forum. For New Years I finally got 3 days away from the rat race the shop has become. But I've always said from the first day I met you and Rob just after I opened my business, I'm always here to help. And in more ways than you could imagine, you and your family have touched my heart. I consider you and Rob an extension of not only the 281 family, but my own.


Owning a business these days is very difficult and when you dedicate time to a project that doesnt pay the bills, you truely have to hope that the owner will come through and well represent your business. And then throw in the mix that your also a customer/friend of another shop even makes the circumstance more weary. But,....you have proven yourself to be one of the best projects we've ever sponsored. And I cannot ever find the words to tell you how important and valuable to me and my company. You briged a gap and united two separate shops with a common goal to help build the "Fighting Bunny" to terrorize the Mustang community, pedestrians, your students, my heart, and im quite certain Carroll is, or would be SOOOO proud of all your accomplishments. You truely set the standard for what a passionate, determined Mustang Enthusiast should be. As the owner of 281 Motorsports, we will proudly serve on your pit crew for years to come! Thank you for being apart of "Team 281 Motorsports".

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