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Thinking about wheel spacers

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I'm totally ignorant on this topic so I thought someone could enlighten me.

I'd like my wheels to sit a little further out so they are more in line with my fenders. I've heard that wheel spacers will accomplish this. However I also hear they may not be safe. This is my daily driver and show car. It most likely will never see a track. However I don't want to do this if it's dangerous or will damage the car in the long run.


I'm looking at the H&R set. They offer a DRS and DRM set. The DRS comes in 5mm and the DRM set come in either a 25, 30. 35, 40 or 45mm.


Your opinions and comments are very much appreciated.












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I've used H&R spacers twice now...They are the best quality/safest in the industry. I used a set on the rear of my 96 COBRA to achieve a look. And currently have a set on the rear of my Explorer SPORT 2DR.. They have hideously inset rear wheels, as is accentuated by the factory flares. I would NOT track your car with them, but you mentioned you wouldn't be doing that anyway.


Maximum Motorsports is where I buy them.....they would tell you the same about tracking the car.



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I have seen full-on big bore racers with spacers and no problems. Others may report different, but that's my experience.


Look in the modifications pages for this man's story about stock SGT -GT/CS wheels and H&R spacers on a GT with.GT500 front brakes.


CJ's site


I tried the spacers on a set of SVT "Fanblades"; those wheels have pockets to clear the stock studs without cutting.


Some time in the next two weeks I am going to put the Fanblades/RE-01R Bridgestones on the coupe (has GT500 brakes).

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