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Nice Shelby Dakota for sale

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Curious, what is a good price for a Shelby Dakota in this condition?


I was thinking the same thing.


I didn't think that price was too high but I have no idea what they are worth.


Hell if they sold it for $8,000 I would really have to consider that plus its only 5 hours from my house


Steve is yours in the same condition? Did you ever sell yours? Also thanks for giving me the media packet I received it on Monday.


What did these sell for new?

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For a couple years now we've had a nice one listed for sale in the SDAC newsletter. Seller wants $10K, always garaged, never winter driven. It has won 1st place many years in it's class at our annual convention car shows. So $10K might be on the high side since this one hasn't sold even with the ad placed for a long time. But it could just be the economy also.

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