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Foggy Morning Photo Fun...


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Got out the Bunny to drive my son to school this morning because I have not moved it this week. It is a very foggy morning here in middle Maryland and just

seemed like great conditions to snap a few shots. Yard was mowed yesterday and provided nice green background to go with our orange Rabbit.

The fog would roll in then clear a bit, creating a spooky feel to some of the images.









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I see green and no white stuff around :yahoo:



Yep, the snow bunny has been put away for awhile. :D





Honestly, I don't think there's enough talk about the Terlingua's.


Never seen one in person. :(



It does seem that the Terlinguas are going to remain a pretty rare breed of Shelby, but there is this place that they tend to migrate to each fall. ;)



Great shots Blip. Glad the weather is finally cooperating and you can get some seat time.




Thanks, I love driving it a much as I can, just wish I could upgrade it with a supercharger, but that's probably going to be delayed for some time

so we focus on our big move this summer.

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