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Mock up=Steeda Wheel/Brembo Brake...

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Well no, I am not racing my car on any even near consistent basis, its my daily driver (7k miles a year). The reality is that while the racing wheels are great (and spendy) I am not using this car as a race car. And I really really like the stock bullets on the SGT.


I had autocrossed it several times in the past, but not with the S/C. I would most likley get a dedicated track car (no worries, no compromises) if I was going to go roadracing for real.


Occasionally it would be nice to track day it or go for time only or ? class in autocross, as F-Stock is out now due to the S/C install. I made the decision after a few autocrosses that a dedeicated season of racing is out as we spend a lot of time on our boat when the weather is good, it is my priority.


These wheels weigh about the same as the GT500 factory wheels 34lbs...as best as I can tell.

I will weigh the car before and after the brakes and wheels install...


I think it kinda keeps the stock bullet wheel look of the SGT while enabling the brakes and wider tires to fit.


As a bonus...So far I am into this setup $1200 without tires including shipping... :happy feet: Or about as much as 1 racing wheel that weighs 20lbs...


If centerline would get a wheel for the GT5oo I would run one of those, I am not into wheel spacers on my applcation.

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Haha well I think you had to remind me that it was a Shelby once or twice at Grabbers... :hysterical:


Yeah I do not know if the 18's fit bigger brakes but the 19's do for sure I came across a picture of a car with Brembos and these wheels and for the price and size (I like 19's on Mustangs) I was all in...now if I get a brake in the action I can get some tires...

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