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Shelby Turbo Package

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Guess they liked what the saw last year when Tasca and I did the Turbonetics Turbo SGT


page #20 on the product guide




not sure this is the same since we did the tune for the new turbo system this year. The tests are great and we will show this soon




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I'd like pricing and specs on just the turbo kit, AND I'm also curious if there will be a SGT stripe/registry designation if done thru SAI for installation... if there is, please also let me know what the installed cost is!



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a turbo kit for the sgt would be awesome but for almost 23 grand?!!! no way.. sorry



turbo kit about $6k

wheels/tires about $2k

guages about $1k

suspension probably around $1k

brake upgrade around $3500 (assuming the 6p calipers all around)

hood and other cosmetics including stripes and paintwork probably around $3k

shifter about $300

exhaust about $700


leaves about $5k for installation...


I think that's reasonable for all the stuff included, BUT i'm HOPING that there will be a smaller package available for the SGT similar to the gt/sc package OR really hopefully just the turbo and stripes!

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Sweet!! :happy feet:


How does that work for you? Is your set-up grandfather in under the CARB? Not that matters with you on the east coast.


don't think mine would have been grandfathered, we had a custom tune. but over the winter we went extreme and did a 302 stroker and the Techco 3.0 SC

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