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Bud is the Man


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I wanted to get his poster awhile ago




But forgot about it, since I was busy with school and work. and when I went to try to go buy it, they didnt have anymore left :cry:


But Bud hooked me up!!!!! I just received the poster today :happy feet:


I wish I could do what most yall do is send the 500 in for the SS upgrade, but 22 year old college student dont have that kind of funds :cry: , and get the whole shelby experience and meet this guy.


Thanks again



~I guess maybe next time I should ask him to sneak keys for a Orange SS vert for me :hysterical:

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Ditto......Bud has always gone out of his way for me too, helping any way he could

no matter what was going on.......Thanks Bud, you have defined my Shelby experience!



HE IS TH MAN :happy feet:

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