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Newport Concourse d'Elegance


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Last year, Roger and I were in the subject event. This year, I brough my son AJ's car instead since Roger's car is in LV. Thought I'd post a link from the Boston Globe online. See a pic of Aj and his car on item #13.


Good to see you there Tim and Kevin.


Congrats AJ, I'm so proud of you.




Look for us in the Bristol (Rhode Island) July 4th Parade as well. It's supposed to be the largest in the country and I think the oldest.

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Thanks guys.

Roger will do.

Chris that's funny. Actually I didn't see the guy take these. Lots of people were taking pics of AJ all day. It was like he was a little celebrity. He even made a couple friends. It was a great day for him and for me enjoying seeing him experience it all.

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LOL. Michael you never need an invite. You're always welcome.


LOL. Great pic of AJ, he is getting so big.

Looks like a great time, awesome job Dad.

Hopefully when the smoke clears here, I can make it up in the Summer

and we can get some dinner and catch up.

I'll look forward to it and let you know going forward.

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Bill where were you that day? I got your message and replied hoping to see you there. Come up to do SCCA with me this weekend. Tim is coming. It's a blast.



Odd, not sure I got your message.


What are you up to this weekend? Where is it? I may just be able to attend.


Wife is pregnant, due in September so this year has been tough to get spare time.


Let me know Sir

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