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6S289 - Family Car - 52+ Years

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This story begins with a young lady. This young lady was looking for that special car. After some searching, a unique opportunity, with a special car, presented itself. After contacting the party who owned this car and arranging a family test drive, the car was purchased.

The year was 1967.

The car is 6S289.

The young lady is my mom.

Mom always loved 6S289, her 1966 GT350, even during those 28 years that it sat idle in her garage.

In 2005, it was my honor, after those 28 years of being dormant, to work on bringing 6S289 back to its former glory. 6S289 was back on the road again in 2007 and Mom was so excited to see this after now 30 years. Mom attended car shows and loved to share her experiences of 6S289 with those who would stop by to see her special car.

Mom was able to enjoy these times for only a few short years, because sadly, we lost mom three years ago.

I want to remember and honor mom and one of those things she loved and really enjoyed - her GT350. Mom and GT-350 02 2400 dpi - CROP - 60.jpg   

The photo is of mom and 6S289 in 1968.



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On 3/12/2020 at 11:35 AM, 66GT350PS said:

I believe that I met you and saw your mom's car in the garage at the SAAC Convention in Sonoma a couple o years ago.   😎

That was probably me and the car since we were there. 

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Fast forward 52 years to the recent book end of the 6S289 story - see photo.

816808e4e1b7a4f2353e4dad93878376f6c66fe3.18 - GG Finalist.jpg.

Mom would have been proud to see her GT350 as one of the Good Guys 2019 Muscle Car of the Year Finalist. 

Much more to the story of 6S289. 

For more photos and the history of 6S289, please visit our website at www.66GT350.com

Thanks, Mark

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Happy 56th Birthday, Ford Mustang.

The classic, clean lines of the 65-66 Fastback Mustang, which was made even sweeter by Shelby American. 6S289 during a quick, essential (to roll the tires and move the fluids) drive.

Stay safe everybody.



IMG_9337 - 30.jpg

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