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I don’t think it was announced on the Team Shelby Forums but per Philippine News outlets, it appears Shelby American is expanding in to the Philippines. It started being announced in Philippine News sources back in October of 2019 that AutoHub Group (one of the Largest Automobile Groups in the Philippines) will be the authorized exclusive distributor of Shelby Parts and Accessories in the Philippines and Autohub Group will apparently be doing authorized Supersnake, Shelby GT and other Shelby Builds over there as well.

     I just spent a month over there back in December. Mustangs are quite popular with the young affluent crowd. The Ford Ranger and Ford Ranger Raptor are extremely popular over there as well. In my travels, I saw maybe 15 to 20 Mustangs and probably saw several hundred Rangers and Ranger Raptors on the roads. I hope the Shelby/Autohub partnership is successful for SAI and Autohub as well.



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I remember the Shelby Donzi boats.  Nasty looking speed boats. But they came out of Florida which made them too far away to bring here and not well suited for high waves in the Pacific.  And they sucked on the open road.😎

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