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KR Rim & Tire Questions


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I just purchased a set of used KR rims with original tires (as I understand it).  I was able to get them with center caps and tires for $1200.  A friend picked them up a few weeks ago and he brought them to me a few days ago.  I've got a few questions.

Are the front and rear RIMS the same size?

From memory, the tires were specific to the KR.  How can they be identified as correct KR tires?

Do these have the Durabrite finish?

Upon closer inspection one of the rims has a deep gouge a couple inches long right on the front of the spoke.  What do single rims go for?  Anybody got an extra?

Any wheel repairs shops that can handle a repair like this?

Thanks, Tom

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Wheels / Tires
Wheels: Unique GT500KR 18" x 9.5" machined aluminum wheels with SVT/Shelby center caps and tire pressure monitoring system
Tires:  Exclusive Goodyear Eagle F1 tires made of an all-new compound
Front: 255/45Zx18
Rear: 285/40Zx18

Yes - Durabrite finish

Tyres will have a build date of that era.  You will have to decode.

There should be a four digit number listed after the DOT stamp. The first two numbers are the week, the last two are the year.


51 Manufactured during the 51st week of the year

07 Manufactured during 2007




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