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2006 Shelby Supercharged Mustang GT poduction numbers

Anthony Volta

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3 hours ago, Anthony Volta said:

I am interested in buying this car, can some one guide me to how many were built?


You might want to try emailing Steven Thornton (SAI-Steven): stevent@shelby.com

It might help if you have the CSM# and/or the VIN.

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Not sure on the number on this type of build. As I recall, this was a post-title Mustang that was sent to Shelby to be converted to an SGT. That's where the unique graphics came from on the rear quarter panel. There different graphics packages depending on the conversion type, as I recall. I have the build numbers on the original 2006 Shelbys somewhere if you want those.

Nice stable, by the way!

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1 hour ago, Anthony Volta said:

Sure i would like to see those nubers please, and Thanks

Here you go:

2007 Shelby GT production totaled 5,651

Black Coupes 3,385  (2,876 manual 509 automatic)

White Coupes 2,266 (1,771 manual 495 automatic)


2008 Shelby GT production totaled 2,214

Blue Coupes  1,121 (973 manual 148 automatic)

Grabber Orange Coupes 215 (211 manual 4 automatic)

Black Coupes 61 (47 manual 14 automatic)

Blue Convertibles 778 (583 manual 195 automatic)

Grabber Orange Convertibles 0

Black Convertibles 39 (28 manual 11 automatic)


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I looked seriously at buying a donor Mustang and having SAI build this exact car. I just couldn't get past the graphics. There were actually a couple of different graphics packages as I recall but I was really set on the original SGT. Fortunately we found  a nearly new 2006 with only 600 miles on it...deal done!


2007 Shelby.jpg

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