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Thanks for posting. Sorry also to be slow responding, had been offline a couple days.

2008 was a great year and one that will not be seen again. Over 100 cars, Carroll, Bill Neale, Bob Bondurant and Tom Yeager, reporters, many folks from SA, lots of cars, people, Bullrun all came to Terlingua, TX! This is a basic description from me off the top of my head, it leaves out allot of the mystic of that first year, it was cool.

For me, it was also special as SA delivered, in the great big SA semi and unloaded my 2007 Terlingua Mustang, right at the event! It was something I will never forget. It was and is the first production Terlingua, and I drove it proudly throughout the event slowly breaking in the engine. I still have that car, and she comes to Terlingua every year. 

Today, Terlingua Preservation Society is a Non-Profit registered 501(3) c. We offer a Terlingua event every year that includes performance events and drives, social opportunities, great drives through world class landscapes and remembers and honors Carroll and Bill Neale and the Terlingua Racing Team. After 11 years as a charity we have provided the Terlingua community over $251,000 in cash going to Terlingua Fire and EMS, Terlingua High School for scholarships and student activities, Activets Terlingua regional veterans charity, Terlingua Crisis Center, and the local American Legion Post 653 of Terlingua. In addition, the event supports many local businesses by bringing folks to the area.

We are operated wholly by a volunteer board, we charge and event fee that pays for hotels, rooms, food, insurance, venues etc and we raise funds through a fun charity auction with 100% of auction funds raised going to our selected charities.

I put allot of this down above to give folks an idea what we do. We have made lifelong friends at this unique event, we have had two weddings celebrated at the event or part of it, have seen multi generational families come and play, we have had members pass to our great sorry from natural life causes who we remember, and we continue to support the community of Terlingua and to remember Carroll and Bill and many of the drivers and people who made it possible for us to be there today. We see VIP's come, media coverage, and WELCOME any and all Shelby/Mustang enthusiasts. If you wish to attend or would like more information, please contact me or any board member. My email is: vorpl8@yahoo.com, I am David 

Charity weblink: terlinguapreservationsociety.com and all board members can be found here.

Next Terlingua, #12 is October 15-18, 2020 with our optional pre-event October 14. 


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