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August Mustang Monthly

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Yeah, just read it.


Sounds cool. Man, all that power with such a light body would feel quick. The C4 should be able to handle the power, but I'd go with a good Toploader or a T5 if I had a manual tranny.


They post the web sites for the products. I guess just check them out to add up the costs.

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A supercharger on a 347 should be fine if you used a really good crank. IMO, a reground stock crank won't take much in the way of power adders for long.

Yeah, and you have to watch your compression.


Too high compression + SC = bad things.

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Hi there, Yes my Compression is 7:1 Venolian pistons with 4340 chrome molly pins & floater pistons. I am using the total seal rings. I am using a 70 boss 302 short block with the steel crank & Boss rods reconditioned & new rod bolts. Edelbrock RPM heads polished 202 heads. I have a new Isky cam that we have installed. Induction is BDS 6-71 supercharger 5% underdriven, two 600 dps that have been blue printed for the altitude here.High volume oil pmp & water pump, 3/8 stainless steel line from the tank to the carbs, High volume mechanical fuel pump from Holley part number 12-289-20, 1969 top loader 4sp, 2:78 first gear. 9' ford with 3:50 gears. When the motor was built the first time I got 11 mpg. With head change & cam change this time I don't think I will be getting 11. Do not have any time slips as It is street driven only. Oyea I almost forgot it makes little over 500 hp at 6,500 rpms. At full throttle SEE YEAAA


I use 108 racing fuel when I get serious


when not serious pump gas with a little booster


at 6,500 rpm it has 12:5:1 compression


ARP head studs 1/2 in

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