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Premier Trim package question.


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OK so the new car has the Premier Trim package which includes the "wrapped and stitched" dash. Is that actually leather on there? It looks and feels like it. If so, other than use a sun shield (already got one) religiously, can I do anything to make sure it survives? People who've seen it seem to think that if it's leather it'll be damaged by the sun. I dunno, seat leather tends to do OK, and I'm already good with doing lexol treatments in my BMW. If that isn't leather, what should I use on it to keep it looking good, if anything?



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Go ahead and use Lexol on the dash. door panels. seats and shifter boot.

Be careful of the steering wheel as it will be slippery and that isn't good.

but I think You can do that if You park the car for a few days after treating it.

Just make sure that it isn't unsafe to drive.

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