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Does anyone know how to remove a speed limiter on a GT500 convertible?sct did not work.

Kim dogu

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And why?  Over and over again over many different vehicles and types, it has been shown that the maximum speed is usually unachievable in most cases and by mere mortals.  The tests are done on tracks under ideal climate conditions (mostly cooler air at low altitude) so getting to it is a stretch. 

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On 10/29/2019 at 1:59 PM, Kim dogu said:

Does anyone know how to remove a speed limiter on a GT500 convertible??

sct did not work


You'll have to get a custom tune and upload it to your car. You can specify the speed you want the limit set at, or none at all. For maximum HP, get a custom dyno tune locally. You can also get an emailed tune that can be fine tuned by sending your data logs back to the tuner who will review them and make adjustments accordingly. There are several reputable tuners out there. Let me know if you need recommendations or have any more questions. 

Edit: FYI, maximum speed is easily and quickly achievable with a GT500. My first custom tune proved that. The speedometer is a joke ending at 160 on the earlier pre-2013 cars. So be careful, especially with a convertible. 

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