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2007 Shelby GT 4.10 gear install review manual trans

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I recently had Ford Racing 4.10 gears and a Ford Racing aluminum driveshaft installed in my 2007 Shelby GT with a manual transmission.  I used Royal Purple 75/140 oil and also added the Ford Racing friction modifier.  I paid a local Speed Shop to do the install and could not be happier.  I read a lot of different posts on the 05-10 4.6 3V with 4.10 gears and and read some where people talk about 1st gear being lost and that kind of thing.  Truth be told, there is no downside all to a 4.10 gear install in 4.6 3v Mustang.  The gear feels perfectly natural in the car.  The car pulls harder and the revs are maybe 200-300 higher on the highway.  My car is faster-no doubt-but the biggest upside is just improved overall responsiveness.  I bought the Ford Racing Master install kit as well.  My install was performed by a mechanic who has done gears swaps several times.  He guaranteed a whine free install and that is what I got.  To correct the speedometer, I bought the SCT tuner and Brenspeed tune from Brenspeed.  I used another tuner I have for my F150 to pull the engine strategy code for them.  I emailed them the info they needed and about 7 days later my tuner with custom tune already downloaded showed up.  Just using a SCT tuner without a custom tune will not work since it is programmed to work with the factory strategy tune, not the Ford Racing tune SGT's have.  The Brenspeed custom tune also results in faster, more responsive car.  The most notable improvement in the Brenspeed tune compared to the Ford Racing Pro-Cal tune is down low in the power band.  Just want to encourage any owners who are considering 4.10 gears in there SGT to proceed with the install.  A faster, more responsive car and car still looks "stock:".  

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Good for you. That gearing definitely makes the car feel "snappier". 

The only time it's not optimal is with a Whipple blower. THEN, the 3.73 is the "right" gearing. The 4.10 makes first gear way too short on a blower car.

Underdrive pullies are also a noticeable difference with your setup, BTW. If you don't have them already, they are a cheap use of physics to grab you a few more HP.

And, I wouldn't be me if I didn't recommend upgrading the brakes and installing a Watt's link. 


Enjoy your car!





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My experience with underdrive pulleys is with Foxbody cars and they always come with issues such as running hotter and electrical problems.  I know lots of folks like them with the 4.6 3V cars but I will steer clear.  I also have no issue with the brakes as my Shelby GT has only 3300 miles.  When the time comes for new brakes, I will go with better looking rotors but I won't do anything that will prevent me from using the OEM wheels.  I have a black 07 with the OEM polished wheels installed since new and it looks awesome.  I don't know much about a Watts link, I will read more about it.  

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