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True test of X-pipe and GTA's


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Were starting to stock many Ford Racing parts here and wanted to see exactly what the X-pipe and GTA mufflers will net you in HP.

Now I know many dyno test after every part they install and as this is a good idea it's not a accurate way to test a product.

Cars will dyno different numbers on different days, so the only way to test any product is to do a base line the day your doing the install.


Here is a perfect example as to why.

Our shop 2007 GT was dynoed in March (55 degrees) and pulled 283 RWHP and 301 RWTQ.

Today in 95 degree heat it base lined 271 RWHP and 285 RWTQ. This is due to the heat and cars will learn when you make changes and make slight corrections, so you can not compair dyno runs from days or months apart.


So we pulled it off the rollers and installed the exhaust and then back on the dyno.

I was amazed it picked up a solid 5-10 RWHP and 10-12 RWTQ


So with doing the base line the same day we were able to see a true gain. If we went off our last dyno run we would have been disapointed.

Take this for what it's worth.

By the way we have these in stock.






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