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Best way to clean car


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You will get dozens of different answers. Also if you use the search function within TS there are multiple topics about car care products.


I personally use McGuire Products on my cars. They are reasonably priced and they work well. I have a 2008 Shelby GT Convertible and use Meguires Car Wash, Then I use their Spray Wax on the car and the Stripes. Between washes and waxes,  I use their Meguires Quick Detail spray. The car is now almost twelve years old and the paint still looks new and the stripes are still in perfect condition. In addition, Meguires also has good tech support if you call them with questions.

A  lot of people use the Turtlewax Ice Products with good success too. There is no need to spend a fortune on car care products, just because a product may cost $100 per bottle doesn’t necessarily mean it works better then a $9.99 bottle.


Ps: I use Lexol Cleaner and Lexol Conditioner on the Leather Interiors.


Good Luck.

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On 9/6/2019 at 9:28 AM, twobjshelbys said:

There are many discussions on this, use SEARCH.

I use the Turtle Wax Ice products especially the paste wax since it can be used on the plastic parts without leaving a residue and two coats on front facing plastic parts makes dead bug cleanup a snap.


Thanks for the reply. the stripes i have i think are the vinyl ones. Is there a thing where you have to be careful when cleaning a car with vinyl stripes? Or can I whatever cleaning materials on the car along with the stripes? I've learned recently that the coloring of the stripes will fade through the passage of time (and hope cleaning materials wont accelerate it). I'm cleaning up my garage so i don't have to leave it outside. If the stripe colors do fade in the future would it be best to just have actual striped paint? Lastly, since ive had the car for about a week would it be best to simply clean the car and put clear protection mask over the car? I'll do more research of Xpel vs Ceramic pro mask covers, but for now I think I have time. 

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The Turtle Wax supplies are compatible with vinyl stripes too.    Just be very careful not to approach the vinyl from a 90* straight on or you'll lift the edge.  Go along side or better yet go from  the stripe outwards at about a 45-60* angle.   Especially important if you clay bar.

Can't speak for putting the clear bra type material over vinyl stripes.  I have it on my Ford GT with painted stripes and recommend it.

Some folks here have painted the stripes after the vinyl ones fail.  It's pricey, but I've seen several Hertz cars that were painted and they look 100 times better than the vinyl.

Again, all of these points have been covered in detail several times.

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