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Hot Rod Cams


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I recently started looking into camshafts and I like the sound of the Ford Racing Hot Rod Cams, but I have seen reviews on forums mentioning that you will lose boost using those cams. Has anyone installed cams designed for forced induction applications? I found videos with detroit rocker camshafts sold by brenspeed which were made for forced induction applications but the hod rod cams sound so much better.

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I had hot rod cams with my Paxton and switched to Detroit rockers 

i prefer the drive-ability and low rpm idle of the Detroit rockers

I made too many simultaneous changes to equate horse power

to me they sound very close and very glad I made the switch 

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I have the FR Hot Rod cams on mine with the Kenne Bell 2.6L and I'm making plenty of power, dyno'd at 511 to the wheels. Don't know if the numbers would go up with the detriot rockers, but if I take the motor any higher it'll probably grenade itself.  Love the sound of them and also helping my decision was the fact that they don't require you to upgrade the stock valve springs, I didn't want to change them at the time of the install.


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On 9/29/2019 at 10:29 PM, AndyGJ said:

For an N/A car with FRPP Intake, FRPP Throttle Body, and Shorty Tuned Headers, do you think I get a noticeable gain in Torque and HP/

You may want to check out this video.  He's running a similar set-up, except he has LT headers...


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I have the Paxton Supercharger, Ford Racing throttle body, Ford Racing shorty headers, the Billet open charge motion plates, I had some Custom made Comp Cams, But I never could get them to run right, I switched to Ford Racing Hot Rod Cams, They idle like a 60's Muscle car, but transition to smooth driving. I do feel like I lost horsepower, but I do just like to go to car shows, not street race.

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