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2007 Shelby GT LT headers

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I am looking at making my 07 Shelby GT more powerful/fun to drive.  So far I have added 4.10 gears which are great and Pypes Muffler deletes.  I also have a FRPP Aluminum Driveshaft. I am considering Kooks ceramic coated LT headers for my next mod.  I am looking for owners here who have installed LT headers of any brand and your personal experience.  Could you tell a noticeable difference once installed?  Was heat an issue?  Any clearance issues?  Would you do it again?  I will run these with Kooks H pipe and "green" cats.  Thanks..

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While long tube headers can add a couple additional hp there are disadvantages with the main disadvantage being they are not smog legal and will also turn on your check engine light. A custom computer tune can turn off the O2 sensors so the check engine light wont be set but you will not be smog legal which I'm guessing isn't an issue for you.

The ceramic coating should help with any heat issues, yes your engine compartment will probably run a few degrees hotter but not hot enough to melt anything, well anything that doesn't touch the headers.

Also if you haven't done so already you should have a performance tune added to the car to take advantage of these mods. A good performance tune will give you a noticeable difference in your butt accelerometer. Was your computer already adjusted for the 4.10 gears? If not a performance tune can factor that in.


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I have Kooks LT, Kooks high-flow Cats, and Kooks Cat-back and for sure adds a lot of HP especially if Supercharged car. Sounds amazing as I took JBA's and Magnaflows off and was worth it

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I run the BBK 1 5/8 Ceramic coated with the matching catted X pipe on mine. Never had any issues with heat or clearance, and there's no smog check here in VA. As long as the cats are there it's legal here.  I'm supercharged now, but wasn't at the time of the install. I did have a custom tune done when I installed them so I didn't get any codes. Good luck with your decision.


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