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I don't know if I am the only one thinking about this so if u are too chime in, so I am wondering if SAI will be offering a 2020 Shelby GT package?? I honestly do not know how many people ordered a 2019 Shelby GT which was a great idea to bring this car back as it is still the most popular car they offered, but I think umm wait a second, I don't think rather I know for a fact they killed their chance at making this 2019 Shelby GT package as popular as the 07/08 cars when they priced it above $80k with most options u will get near $100k while the GT350 is priced far less

At this moment dealers are wanting what $150k for the 2020 GT500 so SAI has a great chance to steal potential GT500 buyers with a new 2020 Shelby GT Mustang if the car comes as a complete package and is priced under $100k! I don't know if any of u has seen any of the new Saleen's they are offering but the Black Label Saleen is the real deal with big power and handles extremely great and is priced far below the new Super Snakes which are getting close to $120k and in that price range I am looking at the new BMW M8, AMG GT, even a 911.

I am a diehard Mustang fanatic and if I wanted an AMG I could but I love my Mustangs and my 2018 Mustang GT is amazing and I want Shelby American, Saleen, Roush, even Steeda to keep offering us these bad ass Ponies so I hope history does not repeat itself

I would love to see a 2020 Shelby GT Conv in my stable if it is done like before 

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I think if anyone can, and wants a GT500, with a great warranty and parts available for at least 7 years, with great 3rd party support there after, I’d wait till 2022 or so and pick up a slightly used GT500 for a lot less.  I agree with you on these prices. These cars are still Mustangs and there are far better overall cars in these price ranges.  Learn from those who paid ADM in 2007. 

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