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Did 2007 Super Snake come with a carbon fiber hood?

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I’m looking to buy a 2007 Las Vegas 427 Super Snake with 6000 miles. Did they come with Carbon Fiber Hood or Fiberglass? It also does not have Carrol Shelby signature on the visor. The car I’m interested in buying appears to have a carbon fiber hood. Is this correct? The price appears to be low for its condition.

Is this a legit car and is it worth $56,000?

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My 2007 Super Snake did not have a carbon fiber hood, and I do not recall that option.  All Shelby cars are registered with a Shelby serial number - call Shelby and they can look up the car for you and give you the correct specs and its history.

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No carbon fiber hood option for the 2007-2014 Super Snake, the GT500KR came with a Shelby installed carbon fiber hood. There are pluses and minuses...... the GT500KR carbon fiber hood is lighter weight than the Super Snake fiber glass hood, but the ducting on the bottom side limits the size of blower and the hood requires notching to fit a larger Super Snake blower. I would assume that once a person starts cutting and/or notching the bottom of an original GT500KR hood to fit a Super Snake blower, the value of that original GT500KR carbon fiber hood would go downward quickly.

Here is the bottom of my 2008 Super Snake hood........Wide open for  the "Big Boy" blowers.........and as a side note, I can't believe what nice finish work was done on the earlier Super Snake hoods, it shines and is show worthy just like the top side of the car! Thank You Shelby!


The GT500KR carbon fiber hood.......Very Cool duct engineering, but limited for blower upgrade......


There are some aftermarket hoods that are carbon fiber and they are open above the blower.

Also, here is a "stare and compare" between the two hoods..........






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