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1 hour ago, CB28412 said:

So on ford.com I can't build a 2020 GT500. Can someone help with what the MSRP would be on the following?? Ford dealer wants me to drive over 2hrs to tell me.

Rapid Red

White Stripes

Track pkg

Tech pkg

Vehicle Cover



I uploaded the price sheet to look


Rapid red 395

painted strips 10k vinyl 1k

Tech package 3k

track Package 18K

Cover 395

base car 70300

delivery 1095

gas guzzler tax 2600


hopes this helps 


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He is not getting painted strips from factory for 1500 and unless he is getting a CFTP allocation he is not getting them at all. From people inside Ford the CFTP and Painted strips are part of the 1250 CFTP allocation. You can get both or one or other but it still eats up one of the 1250 allocation. I know of only one person that has ordered only painted strips and used the dealers CFTP allocation but even that one is not confirmed yet. 

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2 hours ago, CB28412 said:

How come this is still not on Fords site to build and price? Dealers are seeming to want a deposit and can't even give me a price? 

The 2020 Mustang configuration just went online a few days ago. Give it a little more time for the 2020 GT500 to be put on line. 

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