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2008 Shelby GT Tires


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Earlier this month I was fortunate enough to attend the East Coast nationals in Pittsburgh, PA.  The racing and show was awesome!  Being a 2008 Shelby GT Convertible owner, I became involved in a conversation with a fellow owner at the show, before I knew it two others had joined in.  The discussion led into "Tires".  Could someone tell me what the correct tire is for this car?  I realize there may be a few correct answers.  Currently there are Goodyear Eagles on mine, which the car has 28,000 miles, could these be the original tire?  The pic below is just a taste of the awesome row of 1966 GT350's that were present.  Also one last question, does anyone know where I can get one of those great "East Coast Nationals" t-shirts?  They ran out of XL at the show!


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As far as the tires go the originals would have been BF Goodrich. Which was more of an all season tire. The Goodyear Eagles you have are a better performance tire than the original.

Every body has their favorites, if you ask 10 owners what is the best tire you might get 10 different answers. Depending on if you take it to the track,cruise it or everyday drive it.

08 Shelby GT convertibles are great looking cars enjoy your ride.


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OP, welcome to TS, 

I have a 2008 Shelby GT Convertible like yours. I have the original tires and stock rims.

They read on the tire wall

BF Goodrich G Force T/A, 235/50ZR18 97W M+S, ........that being said there are also some articles online that list the original Tire as BF Goodrich G Force T/A, 235/50ZR18 108Q M+S. 


Hope the above helps.

The Original Tires were ok for daily driving but many people swapped them out for Michelin Pilots and some guys also ran Nittos. Like said above, ask ten different people and you will likely get ten different answers. I am getting ready to replace mine and will probably go with the Michelins because there was a general consensus among numerous SGT owners that they ran very well. If you do a search within TS such as "Shelby GT Tires" there are literally dozens of topics that have previously discussed tires.

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What options you chose from SAI determined your tires and I upgraded to the optional rim so Nitto's came with those American Racing wheels I forget the name too much pain

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