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Camaro program has been reportedly canceled

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6 hours ago, 2008GT-C said:

I tried to see if this was already been reported here but I couldn't find it. - Kevin



That would be sad indeed...I'm hearing rumors the 2020-2021 ZL1 will have the 19 ZR1 engine...makes sense since the current ZR1 is

a 1 year production car only and also especially now that the new GT500 has 760hp all the Hellcats are from 717HP to 797HP so for Chev it

would be the logical move I guess....They however got to redesign that front grill somehow IMO.

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Another excellent GM marketing strategy…………….where GM failed with the Camaro is not only recent design updates, they never developed a decent 4 cylinder to compete with the Ecoboost Mustang,  Yeah there are the typical few V-8 fogeys on here who cry that a Mustang shouldn’t have a four cylinder…….but the fact is they should be glad there is one. Why? Because it is a big seller, and it reduces economies of scale, and overall cost for other Mustang Platforms and  V-8 Mustangs, and therefor making multiple editions of the car more affordable to more people.. The 4 cylinder Ecoboost also provides a good entry level for new and younger upcoming Mustang fans. GM Camaro sales were down over 25% in 2018….. not everybody wants a V-8, or V-6 for that matter in a pony car. Once again GM didn’t listen and it is going to cost Camaro fans………they will probably once again  have to  watch the Camaro disappear from the automotive landscape…… but don’t worry GM is still ignoring the market and they are going to shove yet another V-8 in a Vette to please a dying market. Brilliant………


GM shouldn't be focusing on ZL1,ZR1, or Z whatever,  or any other V-8 engine,  they should be focusing on an engine that will save the Camaro......... and it ain't a V-8. Ford already proved that.

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