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06H001 & 06H002 For Sale

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2 hours ago, twobjshelbys said:

I don't see any link to the sale in the base Hertz tracking topic...

after clicking on the link in the first post above, directly below the large, bold "2006", the next 2 line items are the links to 06h001 and 06h002   

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Wow, that's amazing that they are both for sale.  I talked to Walt a few years ago about buying 06h002 but he was in Florida and it was a bit of a long way from me.  I believe I remember Walt's car going through one of the Barrett Jackson Auctions a few years ago.  I don't remember what it went for.

06h001 sold in 2015 at Scottsdale Barrett Jackson for $209,0000


Very cool cars.  If I get a hold of one it sure wouldn't stay at 68 miles.  Sure as shit I would have thousands of mile on it within couple of years.  I'm getting close to 10,000 miles on my 07 5spd stick.  Such a fun car to drive.

Both of them are located in Nevada?  I'm going to Nevada next week!   I hope I can kick butt at a couple of the World Series of Poker Tournaments.   Either one of these cars would be very nice.   


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