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Hallowed Ground Track Day 10/19/19 - Signature Wheel X Ford Performance Racing School @ UMC

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It is time to head home to hallowed ground. The next Signature Wheel / Ford Performance Racing School (FPRS) track day will be held at the Utah Motorsports Campus. For those that don't know, this is the home of FPRS. We will be hosting an open track event on the west track that is open to all. 
Many did not have the opportunity to attend the track attack in their GT350, and those that did have always wanted to go back out in their own cars. Not to mention the chance to get our Boss 302, Focus RS, S197, New Edge, Foxbody, Focus ST, and classic brethren out together as well. I hope we have representation from all of the Ford lineup together in one place. This event will require you to bring your own vehicle, as rentals from the school are not available.
FPRS will be on hand to assist with instruction, driving some of their school vehicles, and helping to showcase what our vehicles are capable of. Due to the exclusive nature of the event, our limit is 60 cars total.
We have received interest from enthusiasts from all over the country. If you have an interest in organizing group transports of vehicles, please include your address in your registration email.
Please send me an email with your track experience and a photo of your vehicle to Terrance@Signaturewheel.com.
Track day costs will need to be paid in full at time of registration. More information regarding logistics will be released shortly.
See you all there soon!
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