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2011 GT350

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I am still looking to locate the owner of 2011 GT350 11350039 #39 I want to let person know I want to buy it and or when he or she might sell it. I know its in the Northeast so any time anyone is attending future car shows and or club events if you come across it let the owner know... thx

Its the one Shelby I am missing and yes I originally had it reserved and somewhat ordered then I had my first ever health scare and had to let it go as I didn't honestly know if I'd still be alive in 6 months and regretted it ever since!

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Only interested in 11350039 as this is the one that got away and still looking for it. I think its in MA so if anyone sees it, please get owners info

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On ‎6‎/‎12‎/‎2020 at 5:01 PM, T-K said:

Hi, i have a Mustang friend in MA, i messaged him about your search....he will have an eye and ask around

Thank You

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On ‎6‎/‎12‎/‎2020 at 9:33 PM, Secondo said:

I'm keeping an eye out for the 2 Shelbys you're looking for. 

Much appreciated but its the 2011 GT350 45th Annv. #39 that I am after as its the car I had reserved and the story is too long and too sad to say here but put it this way, Gary P. let me keep it reserved way past the deadline and I did not know if I would still be alive 6 months from that point so I had to let it go and regretted it ever since that I bought the 2013 GT350 Conv but Sold it with only 480 miles as its not the car I wanted. I have talked to the original owner Mr. Lilly but he said he doesn't have the buyers info. which his son said differently so don't bother them.

I don't even need to talk to current owner as all I want to do is give him my info. Address, Email, and Cell with a letter explaining why I want to buy that #39 2011 GT350 and that when he is ready to Sell it then he or she already has a buyer. There are many 2011 GT350's For Sale right now but now mine that got away. And to make this even worse that Neurosurgeon misdiagnosed me and man was my Irish tempered put on display for everyone there as you can't make these mistakes as I thought I was dead in 6 months so getting this Shelby back would be the ultimate life changer at this time

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