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Wheel Size?


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11 hours ago, mdub61 said:

Can someone tell me the maximum size rear wheel that will work on the 2013. Trying to go to a wider tire. thanks

If you are asking about widest wheel size, and not widest tire on stock/oem wheels, I believe the 2013 owner below has 12" Alcoa's on the rear.......




^^^^^^^^^^and 10" Alcoa's on the front, I'm pretty sure. If I remember correctly this owner had asked me some questions about the 10"/12" Alcoa set up on my 2008 before he went into that project.


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On 4/16/2019 at 12:00 PM, mdub61 said:

cam you tell me the width of the wheel? would it be a 10?

The OEM rim is 20x9.5.

295/35 is the widest you should properly install.  Others go larger, but they end up wrapping on the sidewall and the effective contact patch with the ground is often equal or less that a properly sized tire.



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