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I actually seen this on Team Saleen site first then confirmed it on the SAAC site but don't recall seeing it here?

It says first time ever 2019 SAAC Convention bringing together SAAC and Team Shelby then on another site it said Team Shelby Northeast and I want to know how much involvement is Team Shelby actually doing? I missed Bash due to surgery and will be ready if this is truly a co-hosted event and being its in Pittsburgh this year being a Steelers fan I got to go to this one

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It was posted in January....


I wish I could attend, but I had already made plans to attend the 55th Anniversary &  M.O.M grand opening in a couple of weeks, can't swing both. There's always next year.... (hopefully the actual bash in Vegas)


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4 hours ago, 39Mustang said:

I want to know how much involvement is Team Shelby actually doing? 

Let’s see, what is Team Shelby running for this event ...

Road tour on Thursday featuring a special invitation to a private car collection in Ohio, lunch stop, and a tour of a private airport and their collection of planes...and a VERY special surprise if the weather is clear and mechanical gremlins stay away.

Thursday night dinner in a unique setting, special guests, charity auction, and a “game of chance” that could result in someone adding a new full scale collectible to their toy box.

Friday Poker Run in the morning.  Parade laps and on track photo op in the afternoon.

Popular ballot car show on Saturday.

SAAC will be handling the track for Thursday and Friday.  Hosting a dinner on Friday evening, and coordinating the Concours car show on Saturday.

Check here for more info and registration info (which should be announced in the next week).....https://www.teamshelbynortheast.com/upcoming-events/





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