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COPART FIND 2007 GT-H Conv. Wrecked

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I was looking through Copart Salvage auctions and found this 2007 Shelby GT-H Conv. wrecked. 😫😓

Damage looks worse that it really is, in my opinion. It appears all the special items (Embelems, hood, CSM plaque) is present, so that's a plus.

Hopefully someone here can pick it up and give it new life. Sure wish I could.



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First off the insurance company wrote the car off as a 2007 Ford Mustang with a pre-accident value of $10,921 so its not surprising that it ended up at Copart.

Second the drivers side airbag was deployed which I'm told makes insurance companies nervous as if the car is repaired they are on the hook for any future lawsuits involving the cars airbags. Yes I understand that many cars have airbags replaced by insurance companies, I'm just saying that this is a factor when deciding to write the car off.

And lastly the if you look at the passenger side fender where it meets the door, it is quite tweaked. Is the damage to the fender only or is the unibody tweaked?

Hard to tell what exactly happened to this GTH but it almost looks like someone was playing Dukes of Hazzard with the car nose diving into something solid. And if so what kind of undercarriage damage is there.

Registry has been updated.


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