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Tinted the windows


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Looks great. Be glad you're not in VA. I just got mine done - 50% is the legal limit here - almost looks like nothing was done. Pics to come.


Yea, you're wayyy too close to DC for comfort. Too many pansies and greenies roaming around looking to force more rules on us. It's kinda nice sometimes being out here in cowboy country. We're not quite Montana, but at least we're still allowed most of our freedom. I also heard VA is hammering you for 15 over now....big fine and impound or something?! At least your Shelby season is longer than ours!!! I am not looking forward to garaging her Nov 1.

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Now after looking at those pics, by the way thank you, I feel like they are too spaced out, or maybe it is just the 3rd brake light that ruins the look. I may stay stock to the left now. You copied the measurements taken from the KR concept right?

I think they all need to be a little bit closer, they look sort of random and lost far apart like that or maybe they are too close

I DONT KNOW, maybe it is just the lack of stripes, I just thought it would look more like the concept rear end or the 68 KR rear end


Thank you!

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I clicked it and def. do not remember seeing your car!


Or was yours the one with the pics taken in the dark from behind LOL


Great lookin vert though, I really did not think I would like them as much but yours looks sweet


Thanks - there are other shots taken in the day - just had to get those first shots up. The wide angle shot may be creating an optical illusion - it distorts the scale. Closer together doesn't look quite right - unless with the smaller letters that SAI uses. After the 40th - that's what I'll have.

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