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A Request From Ruf


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Thanks, man!


She was in the pool an hour ago! Now it's pouring rain!


The response to that thread has been more beneficial to me (and her - when she starts getting mail) than any med the doc might prescribe.


My "family" here cares about Christine.


You can't put a price tag on the value of that! :rockon:

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Just want to make sure this gets plenty of visibility.


By the way - I want you to know I'm familar with your 'hood!


I hauled a lot of steel out of Sparrows Point - Bethlehem Steel! What a mill.


They'd give us maps to find the right place to load up! I think at one point, it was the largest mill in the US.


And I'm old enough to remember the Harbor Tunnel! Egads! Traffic used to back up for miles!


Thanks again for your support. My baby is hurting, and I'm doing all I can to ease her pain.

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I'd love to take Christine up to Bawl-more for a weekend. What a great waterfront district! (and aquarium)


When you have time - ask around for a good spot to stay down there and we can spend a little time together.



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Be cool, and send a card! I did. USPS, 2 day. Expect either Friday or Monday. I can't remember if the mail is delivered on Saturdays. Anyway, the card I sent might be a little more funny to Bryan than Christine will. I wrote her a little note in the inside as well. Experience the horrid hand-writing of Kobra himself!

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Okay - here's what's on the cover of the card:


"Ode to An Unwell Person" (mixed in on the cover are four faces of a sick dog)


You're out of sorts/and you're feeling bad

You're quite the opposite of glad


You're achy, groggy, dazed and sore

You're oozing germs from every pore


You're in a really crappy mood

You're not enjoying solid food


You're feeling down and throwing up


(inside the card)


Face it - you are ons sick Pup!


Feel better soon!



I could tell you spent time picking this one out!!

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