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Marti Auto Report

Brent Zier

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I ordered a Deluxe Marti Report on my 16 GT-H and received it today.

Our cars are identified as:

"...equipped with the following features: 

- Shelby GT-H"

That is the first thing listed, fitting isn't it!

Included under "Statistics - Your vehicle was one of:


172 with Shelby GT-H" (the last statistic)

Pretty cool! 





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Hmmm, seems kind of odd.  The Shelby mods are done post-title, but they are typically ordered with a code that changes some options in order to prep them for the GT-H mod.  I know the 06-08 GT-H/GT had a "upfitter's" option.  Did some of the 16's not have it noted on the car?    Steven Thornton could probably do some checking from the Shelby side. 

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