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2019 East Coast Grand Nationals / SAAC-44


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Registration for the 2019 Team Shelby East Coast Grand Nationals / SAAC-44 is OPEN!!!

The site has most of the event information on it, and a link to registration.  It still needs a little work, a few additions and some minor tweaks, but we didn’t want to delay getting it out to you.

This year, we are using Motorsportsreg as our online registration system. Many of you may already have used that system for other events.  Due to Team Shelby and SAAC both registering on the same site, it may be a little confusing.  Once you select a Team Shelby package, the only other things you may want to add are your track days, extra parade laps (one parade lap session on Friday afternoon comes with your package), and the Friday night dinner that SAAC is hosting.  As usual, you will need to make your own hotel accommodations.

For those of you tracking your car, if you want to buy one day of track, but split it over two days so you can also participate in part of the Road Tour or the Poker Run, please contact me directly and “we’ll talk”.

Here is the link....have at it!!!!


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48 minutes ago, Secondo said:

Can you please post prices for these events? I scoured the websites, couldn't find them. 

Here is the link ....https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/saac-44-team-shelby-east-coast-grand-nationals-pittsburgh-international-296859

All prices are shown there.  You can also link to the registration page from the informational website (http://saac44.com/) via the “Register” tab.

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WIN A NEW SHELBY GT......maybe

Everyone who attends the Team Shelby Thursday Evening Dinner and Program (certain exemptions apply) will be eligible to participate in a Shelby Challenge event. This competition is more based on your luck, than your skill, but we will eliminate the challengers until one person is left standing.

If that person can successfully complete the final challenge, they will be rewarded with the keys to a new Shelby GT!
Yes, a REAL car…not a die-cast or a go-cart, but an honest to goodness Shelby automobile!!!
Details to be provided at dinner, and you must attend to participate.

Photo of representative car is shown. (This is not the specific car you will win)


New Shelby GT.JPG

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I’m hearing rumblings that there is doubt that an ACTUAL Shelby is going to be given away during dinner at this years East Coast Grand Nationals. Maybe I should clarify a few things....

- It’s a REAL car. Not a toy, not a scale model, not a power wheels...a REAL car...
- The car that dinner guests will be competing for is valued at $70,000.00
- We will be playing a game of chance in order to whittle down the competitors to one final contestant.
- The final contestant will have one attempt to win the game of chance...and the car.
- A winner is not guaranteed, hence the “Maybe” statement on the prior announcement.
- Odds of winning are better than a professional golfer hitting a hole in one (actually 10 times more likely).
- Yes, An insurance policy had been taken out to cover the cost if we do get a winner.
- No, it will not us any more if we do get a winner, so WE WANT TO HAVE A WINNER AND GIVE AWAY THE CAR!!!

Any other questions from the naysayers and disbelievers who are questioning our intent?

You may think this is too good to be true, but it’s the real deal my friends.

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How many people going to this event?

With SAAC and Team Shelby should have some nice Mustangs plus Cobras and I am sure the old GT40's and new Ford GT's. Does anyone know if Ford show up with the new 2020 Shelby GT500?

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