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16’ Hertz Badges


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1 hour ago, msing18 said:

Hey guys,

Does anyone know where I can get the Hertz Badges for the 16 Hertz GT-H or where I could get them made?



If you are the owner of a 2016 GTH all you need to do is reach out to Shelby American's parts department. If you are not an GTH owner then there's not much you can do as it would be illegal to have any items produced using Hertz or Shelby trademarks.


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20 hours ago, Guest msing18 said:

Thanks for the quick response. Yea I know you have to prove that you own a GT-H with the VIN but I’ve yet to have any luck 

I'm not sure who you haven't had any luck with but if you phone the Shelby American parts department asking to purchase restricted parts, the Hertz badging is a restricted part, they will ask you for proof of ownership. This proof can be in the form of a State issued Vehicle Title or a State issued Vehicle registration. In some instances they can also accept a bill of sale but only if its say a bill of sale from Hertz Car sales to you or something comparable. Private owner bill of sales would not be an acceptable proof of ownership.

The direct phone number for the Shelby American Parts department is 702-405-3500


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1 hour ago, Guest msing18 said:

Thanks again Steve,

I tried them but had no luck.


Did you call in get a wrong number?

Did you call and get put on hold?

Did you call and get transferred and no one picke dup the extension?

Did you call and speak to someone and they blew you off?

Did you call and request help and thye asked for specific information that you weren’t able to produce?

Did you call and get someone and they didn’t know what you were talking about?

Did you call and get someone and advise them of the information that Steve provided you here and still got no help?


Just saying you had no luck is pretty generic.

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On 1/19/2019 at 6:49 AM, Guest msing18 said:

Basically called and they said they don’t make the Hertz badges.

I checked with our parts department and they are out of stock on the Hertz fender badges. There is a chance they may be able to get more of the made but it all depends on what the contract between Hertz and Shelby American spells out,  after-all Hertz owns the rights to their name as used on these fender badges.

Hopefully they will have an answer to this in the near future.


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