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2019 Raptor Shelby Baja? Questions?

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So they don’t do any extra work or money upgrading suspension but think it’s okay to still charge 117k msrp what a rip off , i was set to buy a 2019 I was waiting and now I def not buying 

so a vechile dealers buy for 105-106k invoice then sell 117k normally nkw has  5k less of modifications to it and they still charge 117k I think people are going to pick up on that fast can call is bs!!!! 

I just don’t understand how they can do that ? 

Wouod be nice to know how they two shocks from a performance stand point compare 2018 3.0 vs vs the stock 2019 new live valve ones 

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Go to the Raptor forum there is plenty of posts about the Suspension change done by Ford this year.


Here is one at my local dealer, the last few they had sat for many years in their dealership, I’m guessing most check it out and buy a Regular Raptor.  What exactly do you get for $50K?  Seems like all cosmetic stuff.  It is nice, but the Regular Raptor is what I would buy and I could add a fully loaded Mustang GT and still be lower then this.


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On 1/7/2019 at 4:13 PM, Kingrichards said:

Nice video,,so they removed the Fox 3.0 is that a down grade? 

Maybe I misunderstood but I can swear he said they changed the turbos to get that power, I am pretty sure it’s just a tune with a CAI.  Also the tires are a HUGE downgrade, he says they are NEW All Terain, they aren’t AT, they are MT Mud Terrain.  The KO2’s the stock truck comes with blow away the KM2’s or KM3’s.  I had KM2’s on my Wrangler and changed them out after less then 1000 miles, they are absolutely awful compared to KO2’s or Duratracs.  Even Jeepers can’t stand KM’s and a lot more Jeepers go Mudding then Raptor owners.  That is absolutely the wrong tire for the intended use.

I see about $15K worth of mods and $5k (that’s generous) of labor adding about $47K to the price of the truck.


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