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How Would You Like To Buy Your Shelby From This Guy....


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3 minutes ago, twobjshelbys said:

Wow way cool.  Is China an active or emerging market for Shelby and other high power vehicles?  I know that the uber-rich like their Ferraris and Lambos and Rolls Royces but never see any pictures of Mustangs, Vipers (old), Corvettes, etc. 

I could be wrong on this but in my opinion China is like Japan was in the 1980's meaning they are embracing the American culture, well at least the citizens are. Shelby American has had a presence there for the last 4-5 years through a mod-shop/distributor.

Keep in mind that GM has sold more Buicks in China then is the USA for at least the last decade. Buick's are coveted in China and I believe GM has a Buick plant in China because of the demand.


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