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Driver's Side Tungsten Stripe Kit for 2007 GT500

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My Shelby was hit in a parking lot, causing damage to the rear bumper and driver's side rear fender.  The shop disassembled the rear and found additional damage that warrants repairs that will require new stripe kits on the rear bumper and fender.  They were able to source the bumper stripe kit, but apparently the driver's side lower stripe kit in Tungsten Grey has been discontinued by Ford (oddly, you can still get the passenger-side kit).  Does anyone have a lead on a stripe kit, or can suggest a company that can make an exact match?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Interesting follow-up...the repairs were completed this week by my local auto body shop, who uses a local graphics company to make replacement stripes and other graphics.  Apparently they were able to order an entire roll of the same stripe material that Ford used, so there was no issue with matching the color or finish.  The shop owner also told me that, interestingly enough, the OEM material is able to "breathe," so it doesn't bubble or warp due to sunlight.  I can tell you that the replacement stripe looks and feels exactly like the original, so I'm one happy camper!

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