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Interesting 2017SS add

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Found an interesting add for a 2017 Super Snake.

What’s interesting about it:

1)  No side stripes.  There is a picture of the supplied stripes that go with the car.  Leaves a nice clean look without.  I didn’t realize you could ask for that.

2)  CSM 17SS0546.  I know the numbers were not sequentially given out, but trying to figure out how they got to 546 with their stated limit of 500 unless maybe they are sitting on a big block of low numbers to only give out for a premium?

3)  Comes with older style hard wired gage pod in a box in case new owner wants to swap out for included Bluetooth gages.  Anyone else considering doing this?  I’m not a big fan of the Bluetooth gages taking so long to set every time I startup, having to unplug and replug the ODBII dongle periodically to get them to work again and flat out don’t trust the boost.

Don’t get me wrong... I love, love, love mine.  I drive the heck out of mine and just found it interesting.


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Boy, did this post set my inbox on fire ;)

1) Car does have stripes. They are painted "ghost" stripes (black/blue stripes on a black car) and yes they are about impossible to see in those photos but they are there. And no you can not ask for a stripe delete car.

2) You are correct, CSM numbers are not sequential and many times there will be CSM numbers higher than the total build numbers. For example the 2011-2014 GT350's  had a #350 CSM number issued for each model year even though yearly production never came close to 350 cars. In this particular case the buyer wanted their CSM number to match their VIN number that ended in 546.

3) Hard wired gauges are in, air gauges are out. SAI no longer use the problematic air gauges. In this case it appears that a dealership started a warranty claim for the air gauges, hence the replacement hard wired gauges in the box, but because the dealership did not complete the warranty repair their claim was not paid.

17SS0546 was a $100k+ build, the painted stripe option alone was over $7k , so this SS might be a nice deal for someone who's in the market for one.



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14 hours ago, Al G. said:

What are the white stripes in the photos?

Ooops forgot about that part.

I spoke with the SAI salesperson and was told those uninstalled stripes were not in the car when it left SAI. If you notice the stripes have some creases from where they were folded, most likely to fit into a shipping box, which points to a possible over the counter purchase.

Its quite possible that SPP received an order for "replacement stripes" and that the order passed verification as an authentic Super Snake but someone missed that the car was equipped with painted stripes. I suppose its also possible that the owner wanted their car to stand out more as a Super Snake than what the ghost rocker stripes offered so perhaps they requested to purchase vinyl rocker stripes but so far no one here at SAI that I've spoken with recalls approving a request like that which probably makes it an unlikely scenario.

But this situation will be brought up in the next staff meeting to determine if someone exploited the restricted parts program or not. The good news is at least the stripes are staying with the car and not being sold on ebay.



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